Relational, Pre-Marital, and Marriage Counseling

Relationship Counseling

At some point in our lives we all struggle with certain relationships, whether it is conflict with a partner or spouse, a child or a parent, a sibling, a co-worker, or a friend. Healing our challenging relationships is one of the best things we can do for our physical and emotional health and well-being. Learning how to be loving/ yet assertive, open/yet boundaried, compassionate/yet self-protecting, is a life-long process. For the important relationships you choose to work on, I can help you strengthen your bond while working on healing the issues that continue to tear you apart. Are you reeling from an affair or another type of betrayal? Are you experiencing family alienation because of different values or lifestyles? Are you having difficulty maintaining close relationships with partners or friends? You are not alone! Most people have experienced some, or all of these issues. I can teach you proven communication methods and strategies that will help with all relationships. I work with individuals, couples, and families to help bring more peace and joy into relationships. Through respectful communication, active listening skills, and an understanding of underlying needs and emotions, you will begin to see noticeable improvements in your interactions with others.

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Improve your communication skills, learn how to argue constructively, overcome unhelpful patterns, and find ways to keep the honeymoon going throughout your marriage. Premarital counseling is a proactive investment in your future together, and can help you avoid relationship crises down the road. When you consider the costs of a ceremony, wedding dress, photo booth, etc., premarital counseling is the best investment a couple can make!  Need a wedding officiant?  Scroll down to read more.

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Wedding Officiant

I am a qualified Wedding Officiant and have been honored to have been asked to officiate several marriages. Couples who complete the Premarital Counseling Package have the option of hiring me to perform their wedding ceremony.