Sexual Issues Counseling

Have you lost that spark in your relationship? Are you experiencing performance issues, anxiety, or infidelity? Would you like to rekindle romance with your partner?

One of the most difficult challenges of long-term relationships is keeping the sexual intimacy exciting and fun. I can help you find ways to spice up your  relationship and rediscover passion!  Having taught biological science and human sexuality for many years, I bring a unique background and perspective when it comes to working with sexual issues. 

Once medical issues are ruled out, I can help you discover the possible causes of performance challenges, help lessen your anxiety around these areas, and suggest ways to improve your experience.

Often stress, fatigue, and depression are common culprits in the loss of desire, as are unresolved issues with your past or with your partner. Through our work together I can help you begin to feel safe expressing your deepest feelings and desires to your partner, at a pace you are comfortable with. You can find new joy and fulfillment in your love life!